Nurse education partnership between Pegasus and ProCare

A new model of education – with an emphasis on case studies and peer to peer discussion – is being rolled out for ProCare nurses in partnership with Canterbury’s Pegasus Health.

Gabrielle Lord, nursing director of the Auckland-based primary health organisation ProCare, said the move, to start in November,  was in response to nurse feedback wanting clinically relevant education to build their primary care nursing knowledge and skills.

The model was developed by Pegasus Health in Christchurch for both nursing and medicine in order to deliver the same topic, in the same timeframe to nurses and GPs, to lead to a more collaborative approach to care and the sharing of knowledge. Under the new ProCare model the nurse cell groups will initially meet five times per year and it was expected to take between 12-18 months for the programme to be fully embedded.  Lord said training and education would now be aligned across the network, with the nursing model to be in line with the ProCare GP model introduced in early 2017.



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