Indian RNs sought for PhD research

1 July 2014

A nurse educator is seeking New Zealand-registered Indian nurses for her PhD research into the experiences of this quickly growing part of the nursing workforce.

Nursing lecturer Gill Meek’s focus is on Indian-trained nurses and wants them to tell the stories of their journey to successfully gaining registration in New Zealand.

Meek has worked with international students, and when looking for a research topic, she found there was very scant information on Indian nurses in New Zealand and thought it an area worth investigation.

“New Zealand is highly reliant on international nurses coming in and has been for a long time. We’ve also got a push for more international students as part of an export education approach.”

As a migrant nurse to New Zealand herself (from the UK), she is taking a biographical approach to her research.

“I want them to tell their story from when they first ever thought about migrating as course, the processes in India, and what it was like adapting to a new academic culture and social culture. [I want to know] what the journey was like for them to become a nurse in New Zealand.”

She is seeking New Zealand registered nurses originally from India who have been registered for less than two years and who came to New Zealand specifically to gain nursing registration – either by enrolling in a nursing degree programme or as an Indian-qualified nurse attending a CAP (competency assurance programme).

Potential participants can contact Gill by email on for further information.