International Federation of Infection Control (IFIC)


Our very own NZNO College for Infection Prevention and Control Nurses is affiliated with this UK-based international organisation. The IFIC’s stated mission is to facilitate international networking in order to improve the prevention and control of healthcare-associated infections worldwide. This site provides free full-text access to the International Journal of Infection Control. Additionally, there is full access to the 2016 edition of IFIC Basic Concepts of Infection Control, which provides a resource of research-based concepts to support the development of local policies and procedures in a number of languages. [Site accessed 2 October 2017 and date of last update is unknown].

Child Health Research Review

This New Zealand site provides digests of international research across a number of fields. With over 10,000 medical journals from over 50 areas reviewed, this site makes it easy to keep up to date with podcasts and research article reviews. All you need to do is register and select your area of interest for free email updates. This specific review page features key medical articles from global paediatric journals with commentary from a rotating team of Starship paediatric specialists. The Child Health Research Review covers topics such as paediatric endocrinology, nephrology, pharmacology, fractures, immunology, adolescent health, and paediatric neuropsychology. Research Review publications are free to receive for all NZ health professionals. [Site accessed 2 October 2017 and last updated 2017].



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