The New Zealand-developed My Asthma App provides asthma information, the ability to create a digital asthma action plan and a step-by-step guide to giving asthma first aid.

The app was launched by the Asthma and Respiratory Foundation NZ and the information on signs, triggers and treatments includes links to downloadable documents and pages on the foundation’s website. It also provides users with a digital template they can work through with their nurse or doctor to develop an asthma action plan that matches the medication and treatment required for different peak flow levels and symptoms ranging from ‘feeling good’ to ‘severe’ or ‘emergency’. The app also links to an external website where users can take an asthma control test.

PROs include: Engaging and appealing design. Asthma action plan can be shared as an email attachment with family members and sport coaches etc.

CONs include: Only has generic, not real, images of commonly used inhalers. Doesn’t feature symptom tracking or reminder settings.

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