The number of candidates for the Nursing Council’s upcoming three-yearly election has reduced from 33 in 2014 to 16 this year.

This year’s candidates include four Pacifika, one Māori, one male, and a former New Zealand Nurses Organisation president, plus charge nurse managers, consultants, a nursing professor, a mental health nurse, a nurse practitioner and a director of nursing. Nearly all the 16 candidates contesting the Nursing Council positions have master’s degrees or are on master’s degree paths.

Among this year’s candidates are the winners of the 2014 election – the current chair Catherine Byrne, deputy-chair Jo Ann Walton and council member Joanne Hopson.

The Nursing Council has nine members – six from the profession and three lay members. Up until 2009 the members were appointed by the Minister of Health from sector nominations. The first partial member election was held in 2009, then in 2011 the council began holding regular, three-yearly elections for three of the six professional member positions.

All nurses with annual practising certificates are eligible to vote in the election, with voting closing at 5pm on 1 September. The election results cannot be released until the Minister of Health approves the candidates.

If you an eligible nurse and haven’t received an election notice, contact on 0800 666 045 or


  • Sierra Faitua
  • Joanne Hopson
  • Fakaola Otuafi
  • Cathy Gilmore
  • Maoitele Lowen
  • Anna Blackwell
  • Joanna Hart
  • Sonia Te Pani Hawkins
  • Brent Doncliff
  • Jo Ann Walton
  • Margaret Tuala
  • Princess Marufu
  • Richelle Fogarty
  • Catherine Byrne
  • Maria Armstrong
  • Marion Guy

*List updated on 23 August as one name had not been included.



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