In the wake of social media pressure NZNO has released the voting results on the accepted DHBs’ nurses deal showing nearly two-thirds voted in favour. And that nurses went on strike after rejecting the 4th offer by just a 50.6% majority.

A number of nurses disappointed at the announcement on Tuesday at the fifth offer being accepted had posted on social media sites calling for NZNO to be transparent and release the ballot results.

Memo Musa, the chief executive of the New Zealand Nurses Organisation, said the decision to release the voting details came in the wake of  “the large amount of social media comment suggesting NZNO had misrepresented the facts of the vote result” and following consultation with key NZNO staff.

“The percentage of votes in favour of the fifth DHB MECA offer as returned by is 64.1 percent to accept the offer and 35.9 percent to reject the offer,” said Musa in a statement released this evening.

“The previous offer result was 49.4% to accept the offer and 50.6% to reject the offer.

“As said last time the vote result was very close and this time there was a significant majority accepting the offer.

Musa said the union was now focused on implementation.  “The organisation is strong and growing and I am proud of the hard work of my colleagues, the delegates and members that have undertaken to achieve a MECA which lays down the foundations for a safer and rewarding career in nursing,” Memo Musa said.

1st offer  Nov 2017 43.4% 56.6%
2nd offer  Mar 2018 27.0% 73.0%
3rd offer Jun 2018 (post-Independent Panel) 30.7% 69.4%
4th offer Jul 2018 (pre-strike) 49.4% 50.6%
5th offer Aug 2018 (post-Accord and strike) 64.1% 35.9%





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