Voice from the past

11 May 2017

‘When I am no longer even a memory, just a name, I hope my voice may perpetuate the great work of my life." Hear Florence Nightingale's only voice recording…

International Nurses Day is held on the birthday of Florence Nightingale who was born on May 12 in her namesake Italian city in 1820.

Her wealthy upper-class parents were on an extended honeymoon and while her father later taught his daughter mathematics it was not expected that she would ever put it to use. Nightingale went on to become not only a statistician and a social reformer but also the founder of modern nursing (read fuller article on Nightingale here)

But it was as the Lady of the Lamp, caring tirelessly for soldier victims of the Crimean War, that she first gained public acclaim and the status to pursue her later campaigns to improve sanitation, hospital design and to formalise nursing training.

In the summer of 1890 at the age of 70 she made a rare voice recording to raise money for impoverished veterans of the Crimean campaign.

You can hear her short recitation by clicking here.

Nightingale died in London aged 90 in 1910.


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