Traffic jams and heart failure: using metaphors to learn pathophysiology

Teaching pathophysiology to undergraduate nursing students is challenging because there is a need to apply theory into the everyday clinical reality of nursing patients. Students may understand the abstract concepts but actually recognising pathophysiological changes...

New graduates sought for research project on end of life care

How are new graduates straight from nursing school coping with the emotional challenges of withdrawing care to intensive care patients is one of the questions researcher Jo Spiers is seeking answers to.

Year 2000 babies entering nursing

JODY HOPKINSON talks to nursing students born in the year 2000 to find out more about the future generation of new millennia nurses. And finds they are encouraged – not put off – that nurses are taking a stand on pay and staffing.

Student leader on ‘the struggle of the juggle’

JODY HOPKINSON talks to National Student Union chair Nadine Everson about her journey from fishing trawler ¬– via autopsies – to student advocate.

The benefits and barriers to nurses attending ward rounds

Why more nurses aren’t active participants in ward rounds raised questions for a group of nursing students. Here they share their literature review findings into the benefits and barriers to nurses attending ward rounds.

Diversity in MH new grad intake

The latest intake of new graduate nurses for Wellington’s regional mental health and addiction services reflects the changing face of the community, says the services’ leader.

Nurse Florence’s ‘whirlwind’ six weeks

Nursing Review catches up with ‘Nurse Florence’ more than a month on from founding the now 45,000 strong ‘New Zealand, Hear Our Voice’ page for nurses to share sad, proud, frustrated and passionate stories of nursing.

Thames Hospital voted top

Thames Hospital took out the Wintech student choice award for best Waikato clinical placement recently. "Thames Hospital is beyond excited to receive the award," said Waikato DHB’s associate director of nursing Cheryl Atherfold.  As part...

More Pacific men should consider nursing, say new grad nurses

SARA CARBERY for Nursing Review talks to two new graduate Pacific men about nursing, Pacific values, rugby, stereotypes, and the pride of having a son who wants to be a nurse “like Dad”.

Two strangers launch snowballing social media site for nurses

A new graduate and an enrolled nurse are the dedicated pair behind a social media forum - allowing Kiwi nurses to share their stories anonymously - that's reached 13,000 members in just five days.

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Studying health sciences: A pathway to leading positive change

If there is one characteristic that unites the students studying the Bachelor of Health Sciences (BHSc) at the University of Canterbury (UC) it is the passionate commitment to improving the lives of others, whether locally in the community, nationally or even globally. These students have the ambition; their degree gives them the opportunity to turn aspiration into action. Here are some examples of how a few students and graduates are doing it.