Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Pay equity: “money-making” matters too

History shows that nursing as a profession has been nothing but patient when it comes to getting paid its due. With a pay equity claim now lodged for DHB nurses, Nursing Review takes a look at the pay timeline for the still-female-dominated (91 per cent) ‘caring profession’.

Early pain but quicker gain: mobilising hip and knee patients

How soon should hip and knee replacement patients be up and mobile? Diane Alder reports on the research literature and her own master's research findings after mobilisation on the day of surgery was introduced at her hospital.

Postgraduate funding shake-up: what is a fair slice of the cake?

A major shake-up of postgraduate funding is on its way and nurses are keen to ensure they don’t get a penny less than they should. They’re also arguing that, as the largest health profession, they should, in fact, get a few pennies more. Nursing Review reports.

Research finds mould link with childhood asthma

Leaky and mouldy homes may not only make asthma worse but may also cause asthma in the first place, according to University of Otago, Wellington research published today.

Webscope: Keeping abreast internationally

Keeping abreast of nursing issues and evidence-based practice around the world is the focus of this edition’s website recommendations from Kathy Holloway.

Nurse teaches safe sleep through doll-play video

An innovative video created by a public health nurse introduces the safe sleep message to pre-schoolers through doll-play.

Free e-learning module for health professionals on working with interpreters

Video clips of nurses working with interpreters are part of a new e-learning module aimed at helping clinicians be more confident with including interpreters in patient consultations. The module has been developed by a team...

Damp, overcrowded homes bigger threat to kids than car crashes

The health impact on thousands of Kiwi kids of unhealthy homes – including frustration with funding of nurse-led healthy home initiatives – is investigated by New Zealand Herald's Kirsty Johnston and Chris Knox.

Empathetic work with families earns new nurse leadership award

Helping whānau work in partnership with ward nurses has won Northland nurse Gemma Watts a leadership award.

Rural medical school pledge for more GPs disappoints nursing leader

National committing to a new rural medical school to train doctors is being called “extremely disappointing” by the College of Nurses but “very, very good news” by the Rural General Practice Network if the school is multidisciplinary.

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