Opinion: Eseta Finau – Young Pacific migrants not the solution for aged care staffing

A World Bank suggestion that Australasia solve its shortage of aged care workers with young Pacific migrants is patronising and insulting, says Pacific nurse leader Eseta Finau. Instead, she argues in an NZNO blog, Pacific, Māori and other young people should be welcomed into nursing.

What’s climate change got to do with nursing?

With all the talk about climate change in the media – what does this have to do with nursing? The Lancet medical journal and the World Health Organization recognise that “climate change is the greatest...

School nurses deserve better pay and support

The role of the school nurse is essential in primary healthcare – it gives students access to a health professional specialised in engaging with their age group. School nurses also support educational outcomes by supporting...

Opinion: Jackie Simkins – Overseas RNs and partners both ‘essential’ workforce

Jackie Simkins, a Northland residential aged care manager, argues that overseas RNs and their partners should both be considered as essential for New Zealand.

Opinion: Anna Dobson – Safe staffing should be separate from pay talks

DHB nurse Anna Dobson argues that safe staffing is too important to be held hostage to pay talks. She has launched a petition calling for the Ministry of Health and MBIE ¬– not district health boards – to be responsible for funding and monitoring safe staffing of hospital wards.

Opinion: Martin Woods – Nursing ethics and striking

Is it ethical for nurses to strike or should they resist from doing so because withdrawing nursing care may cause harm? Dr Martin Woods shares his opinion.

Q & A with ‘Nurse Florence’

Nursing Review talks to one of the Nurse Florence founders of the 46,000 strong ‘New Zealand, please hear our voice’ Facebook page about this week’s rejection of the DHB’ third offer and issuing of the strike notice.

Opinion: No pay rise will ever make patients’ suffering due to unsafe staffing okay

A registered nurse shares the heartbreak of knowing too few nurses contributed to the loss of her patient’s life. And says the extra 500 nurses promised in the rejected offer is just a drop in the bucket when it comes to resolving the safe staffing crisis.This was first posted on Nurse Florence’s ‘New Zealand, please hear our voice’ social media forum

Coast nurses share nursing nostalgia tales

Getting dressed down by matron, a State Finals exam botch-up and mitred corners…West Coast DHB nurses recently shared some of their nursing memories.

Opinion: Michael Geraghty – a mega MECA ‘rant’

NP Michael Geraghty shares a senior nurse’s view on the year-long MECA talks culminating in the historic vote underway.

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Sponsored: Practising in Prison – what’s it like to nurse behind...

It’s not often you get to screen a patient for diabetes then have a heart-to-heart about why at, the age of 20, they are in prison… But that’s just a run-of-the-mill appointment for a Corrections nurse, says Sarah Nabizada, the clinical team leader at Mt Eden Corrections Facility (MECF).