Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Nurse peer group supervision: sharing the load

HELEN SHAW-BROWN discusses how peer group supervision can offer support, shared learning and professional development for nurses in management and leadership roles.

Career path: aged residential care (clinical services manager)

Migrating to New Zealand saw JINSU SHINOY fall into a job in residential aged care and never look back.

Nurse leadership: having the bottle to make a difference

Outrage at yet another bottle store opening in her down, but far from out, community stung Christchurch practice nurse KAREN CARPENTER into action. FIONA CASSIE talks to the Aranui nurse about her successful campaign, her resulting community leadership award and her realisation that nurses can make a difference.

Career path: clinical nurse director

To’a Fereti shares her ‘accidental’ career path to be clinical nurse director in charge of 600 nurses – the first Pacific nurse to hold the post.

‘Just a rest home nurse’: helping make aged care nurses more visible and valued

Professional isolation was highlighted as an issue for the aged residential care sector in Waikato back in 2011.

Is safe staffing for nurses closer? A major evaluation report says yes

It is more than a decade since the nursing union NZNO put aside its claim for improved nurse-to-patient ratios and agreed to look for a less clumsy and more sophisticated method to meet nurses' concerns that wards weren't staffed safely. The result has been a suite of homegrown tools – known collectively as the Care Capacity Demand Management (CCDM) programme – that has just been given a firm thumbs-up by a major independent evaluation report. FIONA CASSIE looks at the report, which also includes a warning that nurses may become sceptical if the CCDM programme is not appropriately resourced and backed.

In coats of grey and scarlet – New Zealand nurses at war

One hundred years ago the first ever contingent of the New Zealand Army Nursing Service sailed out of Wellington clutching bouquets and waving multicoloured streamers. FIONA CASSIE tells the tale of how nursing fought hard for the right to accompany their boys to war and, like them, serve while battling heat stroke and dysentery in the East and trench foot on the Western Front.

Tips for a top nurse portfolio

LIZ MANNING shares some simple tips on how to keep your nursing portfolio manageable, succinct, and of a good quality.

Celebrating international nurses day heroes

To celebrate International Nurses Day this year, Nursing Review once again invited district health boards and organisations across the country to contribute stories on their nursing ‘heroes’. Yet again we were sent amazing stories about some of the unsung, innovative, compassionate, high-achieving and dedicated nurses who make up the New Zealand nursing workforce. Read on…

Hospital visitors: visiting in our hospital or are we visiting in their lives

There is increasing evidence of the potential contribution that visitors can make to patient wellbeing and recovery. Although some district health boards in New Zealand have recently relaxed visiting hours, others have not. This article explores perspectives on hospital visiting and including visitors as valued members of the health care team. By Lesley Batten and Marian Bland.

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