App of the Month: period tracking apps

We check out two apps that help women track their menstrual period.

Webscope: long-term conditions

Global targets to reduce non-communicable diseases and local commentary on international diabetes research are the topics of the two websites Dr Kathy Holloway introduces this edition.

Nurse-developed app for saving clients’ texts

An app that allows mental health nurses to save young clients’ texts and calls directly to their clinical record is now a step closer. Called Ask Ruru, the app, which logs text messages and calls...

App of the Month: MS Energise

This time round we look at a review of a New Zealand-developed app for people with multiple sclerosis.

Waikato’s PDRP eportfolio gets Nursing Council tick

The 'courage' to shift to an eportfolio format was highlighted in a positive Nursing Council audit of Waikato DHB's professional development and recognition programme (PDRP). Cheryl Atherfold, associate director of nursing for the DHB’s Professional...

‘Prescribing’ apps: helping patients to select a health app

Nursing Review talks to Sandra Ponen, a clinical pharmacist and medical writer who has been working on the App Library project for Health Navigator, about how health professionals can guide patients on whether an...

Webscope: Global health campaigns

Kathy Holloway introduces two websites with a global focus on improving procedures and strengthening practice, including one hosting the Nursing Now campaign.

Hospital adopts nurse’s green initiative to stop drugs going down the sink

A nurse-led initiative is stopping liquid morphine and similar drugs at a Wellington Hospital from being flushed into New Zealand’s waterways.

Telehealth aiding wound care healing

Cameras able to zoom-in on wounds and enable face-to-face communication are aiding wound care healing for patients in the deep South.

Nursing tool proposal wins Clinicians Challenge

An IT proposal to help lessen the workload of practice nurses having to calculate ‘catch-up’ immunisations for migrant and refugee children has won a Clinician’s Challenge award.

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Sponsored: Practising in Prison – what’s it like to nurse behind...

It’s not often you get to screen a patient for diabetes then have a heart-to-heart about why at, the age of 20, they are in prison… But that’s just a run-of-the-mill appointment for a Corrections nurse, says Sarah Nabizada, the clinical team leader at Mt Eden Corrections Facility (MECF).