Free plasters = fewer skin infections

Too many children turning up in hospital with serious skin infections prompted a public health response in Bay of Plenty to make a difference. FIONA CASSIE reports.

Self-medicating depression with drugs or drink – not just a male issue

Think about those who self-medicate with alcohol and drugs for depression/anxiety and plenty of celebrity examples spring readily, and tragically, to mind: singers and musicians like George Michael, Amy Winehouse, Prince and Michael Jackson,...

Views on vulvas: a look at cosmetic genital surgery in New Zealand

New Zealanders are said to be enthusiastic adopters of new technology and processes related to grooming and there appears to be no exception when it comes to female cosmetic genital surgery. Female cosmetic genital surgery...

Expanding NP training programme now on hold

Hopes that next year more nurse practitioner trainees could access the extra-funding and support offered through the NP Training Programme have been sunk.

Enrolled nurse, Pacific nurse leaders and NP honoured in awards

Two Pacific nurse leaders were amongst the four nurses honoured with awards at the annual NZNO Awards tonight. The annual awards recognise the work of NZNO nurses and midwives who have made a difference at...

First Plunket NP

Plunket nurse Karen Thurston recently became Plunket’s first nurse practitioner and splits her time between Plunket nursing and working with teen parents.

Extra pay for RN prescribers sought in primary health MECA

Two years since registered nurse prescribing regulations came into force there are now more than 200 and extra pay recognition is being sought for the extended role.

Women’s biggest killer – heart disease

The biggest cause of premature death in Kiwi women is heart disease. Concern that too few women know it is heart disease that’s most likely to cut their lives short led Australian nurse Dr Linda Worrall-Carter to found Her Heart. Nursing Review finds out more.

Kids’ wellbeing toolkit given thumbs-up

Kids’ wellbeing toolkit given thumbs-up A free wellbeing kit that school-based mental health nurses helped develop for kids in post-quake Canterbury has been expanded after a positive evaluation. Activities such as teaching children tummy breathing to...

Children’s seasonal coughs and wheezes

It’s the time of year when many children seen by nurses will be coughing, spluttering and wheezing. Coughs are common for children, particularly preschoolers, and the vast majority are caused by colds and other viral...

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Sponsored: Practising in Prison – what’s it like to nurse behind...

It’s not often you get to screen a patient for diabetes then have a heart-to-heart about why at, the age of 20, they are in prison… But that’s just a run-of-the-mill appointment for a Corrections nurse, says Sarah Nabizada, the clinical team leader at Mt Eden Corrections Facility (MECF).