Scabs, scars and better wound healing

Nursing Review talks to wound care nurse specialist Sharon Cassidy about the best ways to reduce scarring.

The nose knows: nasal rinsing for hay fever

CLINICAL BOTTOM LINE Nasal saline irrigation may help relieve symptoms of allergic rhinitis (hay fever) in both adults and children when compared with no saline irrigation and is unlikely to be associated with adverse effects....

Fundamental nursing care: getting back to ‘basics’

Fundamental cares provide the foundation for all nursing care. So, what are fundamental, ‘basic’ or essential cares, and what enables or stops nurses providing this care?

Is e-learning the best way to teach nurses?

Which method of teaching nurses has the best impact on patient outcomes – traditional or e-learning? Dr Cynthia Wensley examines the research evidence.

Waterworks, weeing and the enlarged prostate

A young man starts his adult life with a prostate gland about the size of a walnut. Around middle age it is common for the prostate to start gradually growing; in time it can...

Preventing and managing blood clots in pregnancy

Every year in New Zealand around 4,000 people develop a blood clot in a vein. This article looks at venous thromboembolism – in particular why pregnancy puts women at increased risk – and how...

Does oxygen help post-stroke?

CLINICAL BOTTOM LINE Low-dose oxygen for patients who have had an acute stroke – but haven’t got severe hypoxia – is safe. But it doesn’t reduce disability or other stroke-related outcomes, indicating that routine oxygen...

Tips for good respiratory care this winter

Winter is fast approaching and with it the annual rise in respiratory hospitalisations. Respiratory nurse specialist SUE JONES shares advice on preventing or managing respiratory illness this winter – both inpatient and in the community.

From caring curiosity to leading diabetes researcher

A question with no answer prompted Lindsay McTavish to start researching how to help the children he cared for. More than a decade later, the Capital & Coast DHB diabetes clinical nurse specialist has been...

Treasuring every drop of blood

Some call them “the bloodhounds”. It’s a nickname the nurses of Waikato Hospital’s Patient Blood Management (PBM) team can laugh about as one part of their job is to ‘sniff out’ and reduce blood product...

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Sponsored: Practising in Prison – what’s it like to nurse behind...

It’s not often you get to screen a patient for diabetes then have a heart-to-heart about why at, the age of 20, they are in prison… But that’s just a run-of-the-mill appointment for a Corrections nurse, says Sarah Nabizada, the clinical team leader at Mt Eden Corrections Facility (MECF).