Antibiotic Awareness Week: new guidance for clinicians on when not to prescribe

Clinicians are being encouraged during Antibiotic Awareness Week to consider 'Choosing Wisely' recommendations on antibiotic use before prescribing unnecessarily. World Antibiotic Awareness Week 2017 (November 13 to 19) is a World Health Organization global event...

Safe staffing shortfall leads to $1M boost in nursing staff

Safe staffing software confirming nursing shortages in some wards at Hawke’s Bay Hospital has led to a $1 million boost in nursing staff. The Hawke’s Bay District Health Board has announced it will spend more...

Shingles vaccine free for older Kiwis from next year

A vaccine to prevent the often painful and debilitating shingles vaccine will be offered free for over-65s to 80-year-olds next year at the same time as their annual 'flu jab.

New Health Minister David Clark on youth suicide: We have a problem and we...

New Health Minister Dr David Clark leveled a stinging accusation at the previous government over youth suicide saying funding and priority shortfalls led to more victims, the New Zealand Herald reports.

Nursing tool proposal wins Clinicians Challenge

An IT proposal to help lessen the workload of practice nurses having to calculate ‘catch-up’ immunisations for migrant and refugee children has won a Clinician’s Challenge award.

Whangarei nurse off to help displaced Rohingya Muslims

Red Cross nurse and midwife Donna Collins, who 'cut her teeth' on fighting Ebola in Africa, is now heading off to help the plight of Rohingya refugees in Bangladesh, reports the Northern Advocate.

Nurses welcome extending paid parental leave as boost for baby bonding

Confirmation that the new government will extend parental leave from next year has been welcomed by nurses’ union NZNO as extra time to boost bonding and establish breastfeeding.

Study finds cyberbullying of nurses a real issue

A study of cyberbullying in New Zealand nursing found it impacts not only on the nurse victims themselves but also the reputation of their organisations.

Nursing hero in blue on and off duty

King Country-based nurse Carol Roger's usual commute to work recently saw her call on all her nursing experience as she came across a heart-breaking scene. Amy Mackay of Waikato District Health Board shares the story.

Nursing unions back halt of Pay Equity bill

The new Government calling a halt on the previous Government’s pay equity bill has been given a firm thumbs-up by nursing unions keen to reduce the 'hoops' for pay equity claims – including nursing claims.

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