‘Nitbusters’ to alleviate pressure on public health nurses

New "NitBuster" teams will help alleviate pressure on hard-pressed public health nurses in schools allowing them to concentrate on more serious health issues, says Julie Chapman of KidsCan.

Nursing shortage to hit by 2020

The long-awaited nursing supply report indicating a nursing shortage hitting from 2020 onwards provides some time to plan, says Nursing Council chief executive Carolyn Reed.

NZ nursing shortfall projected to hit by 2020

The New Zealand nursing workforce needs to grow by a staggering 40 per cent to meet a projected 15,000 nurse shortfall by 2035.

Demand for nursing school places plateaued

The growing demand for nursing school places in recent years has largely plateaued in the cities and fallen in some provincial areas, according to an informal survey of nursing schools. Nursing Review spoke to all 16...

Proposed tougher standards for overseas nurses rejected as discriminatory

The Nursing Council has rejected its proposal that nurses trained in India and the Philippines sit an exam and face tougher English language requirements to nurse in New Zealand.

Nurses condemn ‘flawed’ evaluation of physician assistant trial

Rolling out the physician assistant role based on the “sweeping conclusions” of a flawed evaluation of a flawed trial was not wise or safe, says a damning critique by nurses’ organisation NZNO.

Fiji nurses face tough times

Forced early retirement, low wages and nurse migration are amongst the ongoing difficulties facing the Fijian nursing workforce, says Kuini Lutua – the Fiji Nursing Association’s general secretary.

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