Early onset dementia subject of nurse research

The unique challenges and needs of facing dementia as a younger person are the subject of a masters research project by a palliative care nurse specialist.

Opinion: Jenny Carryer – why do nurses feel undervalued? Let me count the ways…

In a year where nursing grievances made headlines, Professor Jenny Carryer reflects on the long and ongoing struggle for nursing to be heard.

Filmmaker captures the essence of nursing

Carolyn Jones thought a nurse was a nurse until she had breast cancer. The New York filmmaker spoke in New Zealand last week about how that experience prompted a series of films to tell the stories of the powerful impact nurses make every day.

Nurses or midwives could carry out abortions, suggests Law Commission

Not all abortions need be carried out by a doctor – suggests the Law Commission report on abortion reform – suitably qualified nurses and midwives could also perform them.

Mental health nurses ‘overwhelmingly endorse’ PSA DHB pay deal

Mental health nurses voted overwhelmingly in favour of the new PSA DHB pay deal and now wait on the Mental Health inquiry for ‘much bolder steps’ to address longstanding workload issues.  

Quake-battered Nurses’ Memorial Chapel re-opens

Nearly a century since the First World War ended and flu epidemic began – whose victims it commemorates – Christchurch’s quake-battered Nurses’ Memorial Chapel is reopening its doors.

Seven out of 20 DHBs made plans for $38m safe staffing fund

Immediate relief of stretched nursing workload areas is still some time away for most DHBs with seven plans submitted to date for the $38m short-term extra staffing fund.

New Māori student leader: Where my people need me I will go

New Māori nursing student leader Tracy Black wants to stop other whānau suffering the heartbreak of losses from treatable illnesses. And to advocate for cultural support for fellow students. By Jody Hopkinson.

Māori nurses’ decade-plus pay parity claim in front of Waitangi Tribunal

Māori nurses are calling for pay parity for Māori health provider nurses and an end to institutional racism in the health sector as part of an historic Waitangi Tribunal hearing that got underway this week.

Feared loss of nurses to DHBs turning into reality, says aged care sector

The feared exit of aged care nurses to DHBs is eventuating, says the Aged Care Association. One facility manager, working nights to cover roster gaps, fears the pay gap could “bleed aged care dry”. NZNO argues that migration is not the answer.

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Sponsored: Practising in Prison – what’s it like to nurse behind...

It’s not often you get to screen a patient for diabetes then have a heart-to-heart about why at, the age of 20, they are in prison… But that’s just a run-of-the-mill appointment for a Corrections nurse, says Sarah Nabizada, the clinical team leader at Mt Eden Corrections Facility (MECF).