Election 2017: What our mental health system needs

As the election draws nearer Amy Wiggins of the New Zealand Herald takes a closer look at the parties' health policies with a particular focus on mental health.

Half of New Zealanders to pay $8 or less for doctor under Labour policy

Half of all New Zealanders would pay $8 or less to go to the doctor, under policy announced by Labour at the weekend, reports the New Zealand Herald.

Research: missed nursing cares due to low staffing increases patient mortality

The more nursing cares missed due to lack of time the greater the risk of patient death, a major international nursing research project has shown.

Poems to remind you why you went nursing…

To mark National Poetry Day we celebrate nurses capturing the art of nursing in New Zealand's first book of poems by nurses.

Nurse innovators among $20,000 Clinicians’ Challenge finalists

Supporting youth in crisis plus helping immigrant children catch-up with immunisations are two digital innovations, co-lead by nurses, to make this year's Clinicians' Challenge finals.

ED nurses say ED targets nothing to celebrate

The College of Emergency Nurses are "outraged" at the Health Minister "claiming the emergency department health targets are a great success".

Nurse telephone triage assessment criticised in HDC report

"Red flag" meningitis symptoms reported by a 20-year-old student should have lead to better questioning by telephone triage nurses, says a Health and Disability Commissioner's report.

ED transfer targets and RN-ordered blood test results under spotlight in HDC decision

ED nurses transferring a 73-year-old patient to the wrong level ward under pressure to meet the six-hour ED target, is one of the care failures leading to a critical Health and Disability Commissioner's report.

National announces rollout of cheap GP visits to 350,000 more Kiwis

National has announced it will extend $18 doctor visits to an additional 600,000 lower income New Zealanders - a decision that follows in wake of GP lobbying that the VLCA subsidy was not working.

Candidates vy for Nursing Council

Voting closes on September 1 in the Nursing Council elections with 16 candidates – from NPs to mental health nurses – standing for the three available positions.

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