Deal will deliver safe staffing, says DHBs spokesman

Nursing Review talks to DHBs spokesperson, and former nurse, Jim Green about boosting nursing numbers, employing all new graduates and convincing nurses that DHBs will finally deliver on safe staffing.

DHB nurses vote ‘yes’ but urgent work now needed

After a year of negotiations, simmering frustration and a national strike the majority of NZNO nurses have accepted the DHBs’ fifth offer – but most see it as just a first step.

Fears DHB deal could spark RN crisis in aged care

An exodus of nurses from the already struggling aged care sector is feared as result of DHBs’ proposed deal including the immediate recruitment of 500 extra nurses.

Nurse job ads up and teacher ads down, latest statistics show

In the same week an Accord is signed to address unsafe nursing levels, the latest statistics show nurse online job ads are steeply up – and teacher ads down. Nursing Review looks at the job statistics and DHB nurse sick leave and accrued annual leave trends.

Nurse and clinic censured after wrong vaccine given to girl

A medical centre’s policy has been updated following being censured after an unauthorized vaccinator assumed and gave Boostrix rather than Gardasil to a 12-year-old girl.

Voting underway today on fifth DHB offer by wary, weary and frustrated nurses

Online voting for the fifth DHB offer is underway following the signing of the safe staffing Accord with nurses’ response varying from sceptical to warily hopeful that it will make a difference to understaffing.

Minister announces new Safe Staffing accord in advance of nurses’ vote

The Minister of Health is calling for safe staffing commitments to be written into the performance expectations of DHB CEOs and the Director-General of Health in support of a new safe staffing Accord announced today.

‘Pay jolt’ negotiator on pay talks then and now

Nursing Review talks to Glenda Alexander – the lead NZNO negotiator of the historic 2004 ‘pay jolt’ for DHB nurses – about the differences and similarities between those talks and now. And why she believes the DHBs’ 5th offer deserves to be ratified.

DHBs’ tweaked fifth offer goes to vote – mixed response from nurses

Whether the DHBs’ 5th pay offer to NZNO nurses has been ‘tweaked’ enough post-strike to get it over the line will be voted on next week – early nurse feedback is very mixed.

No news yet on DHB’s 5th offer – but Ministers confirm defence nurses used...

An update on the DHBs’ 5th offer to nurses is expected tomorrow afternoon – meanwhile the Health Minister confirmed today that defence nurses worked in hospitals nationwide during the nurses’ strike.

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