Bullying and intimidating nurse stripped of registration

A 32-year-old Auckland nurse must pay $9000 and is being stripped of his nurses’ registration after charges of “relentless harassment” against staff.

Jose Miguel Dy was rightly accused of resultant bullying and intimidating five nurses and caregivers at Remuera Care Home and Village between 2015 and 2016 – to the point of threatening to fire them if they refused advances he made on them.

The Health Practitioners Disciplinary Tribunal (HPDT) heard earlier this year from a Professional Conduct Committee who conducted an investigation into seven charges relating to the harassment and bullying.

Chairman David Carden of HPDT said that Dy was in denial about what occurred and failed to see that the way he acted was wrong.

He has not acknowledged in any way the significant impact that his acts and offending have had on the nurses and caregivers in question.

“He has not acknowledged that he used his position of power and influence over these
young and vulnerable women to seek to nor abuse of that position of power, because of refusal from them, to compromise their working environment and their future prospects,”
Carden said.

The tribunal ruled that Dy did not show any “real remorse” for his acts and continued to be a real risk to his profession.

Dy was ordered to pay $9000 towards the costs of the PCC and the tribunal and an order was made to cancel his registration as a nurse.


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